In various modules within the WAVEDESK platform, you have an integration with Google Route.
You can recognize the integration by this icon.

shortcut google route integration

When clicking on this icon, the platform will take over the address details of the module in which you are located and automatically enter it in the destination field (1) of Google Route that you can find below.

The Start field (2) will automatically display the address specified in your company profile.

In addition, you have the following options:

  • Whether or not to allow alternative routes
  • Avoiding highways
  • Avoiding toll roads

Click calculate to calculate the route.

The travel time and distance (3) will be filled in.

You will see a visual representation of the route in the upper part on the right.

Below that you can find a detailed description of the entire route with the distance and travel time.

google route screen in the WAVEDESK platform

You have the option to click on the route in the map to display the instructions of the chosen point below the map.

You can also change the route by dragging the blue line of the route after which the platform will automatically update the new travel time, distance and detailed instructions.

Here, too, you have the option to zoom into the map and use Google Street view.

As a final option, you have the option to print the route.