The window company profile allows you to manage your company's overall parameters.

These parameters are used within the different modules that are active in your account.

The sheet consists of 2 separate tabs.


The general tab contains your company's general information.

Here you can enter the different data to identify your company, this data will be used, among other things, in the printing of documents.

Mandatory fields are always displayed with a * after the name of the field.

tabsheet general in the company profile window

Most of the fields you can find here speak for themselves.

You also have the option to add your company's logo to the company profile, this logo will then be used when printing documents.

To add or remove a logo, you can use the buttons that you can find above the display of the logo.

We recommend selecting a logo in PNG format with a transparent brackground.
This will make the platform include your logo beautifully in the documents that are created.


The documents tab allows you to integrate documents that will be used within the platform.

These documents can be automatically added to emails you send.

You can add or delete the documents by using the buttons that you can find to the right of the document name.

tabsheet documents in the company profile window

Only integrate documents in PDF format so that they are correctly included in the outgoing emails.

You will get an indication whether a document is already present due to the icon that you can find to the left of the document name.

When displaying a red cross, there is no document, with a green check mark the document is present.

You have the option to upload the following documents:

  • Terms and conditions: your company's terms and conditions
  • Certificate 6% VAT