The journal is an important part of the platform and is in use in all modules.

The function of the journal is to display linked data.

Below you can see an example of the journal within the module for managing the companies.

So you will see the linked data (1) for the company you selected in the list of companies above the journal (not visible in image). 

In the case of the companies, you will see the following things here:

  • Contacts associated with the company
  • Tasks associated with the company
  • Notes associated with the company
  • Messages (emails) associated with the company
  • ...

view of the journal in the WAVEDESK platformFor each linked type, we provide a tab in the journal.

It is enough to go to the desired tab to consult the linked data.

From the journal you also have the possibility to take actions on each individual tab.

The available tabs will adapt according to the module in which you are working, so you will always only see the provided tabs.

You can minimize the journal by using the button on the right above the journal (2).

You can also adjust the height of the journal by dragging (3).

The platform will automatically keep track of the chosen height and this per module.

In order to have an overview of the different linked data per module, we provide an overview in the knowledge base in each module of the data that is available for the specific module.