By default, we do not send mails about changes that have been made to the platform.

The full history of changes can be viewed in the forums.

For WAVEDESK you can consult the forum Release notes, here you will find a complete history of all the changes made to the platform.

For custom software, there is always a dedicated private forum where release notes will be published.

Get notified

It is possible to get notified when new release notes are available.

For this, select the correct forum.

On the right of the name, you will find the button Follow.

When clicking the button, the caption will change to Following. You will now receive update by mail if something new is posted in that specific forum.

Image that shows how you can follow a forum

If at a certain moment you do not want to receive the notifications anymore, you click on the Following button.

The caption will change to Follow.

You will not receive notifications anymore.

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