All modules in the platform contain several reports.

Each module uses the same method to generate the reports, so here we describe how you can preview a report in all modules of the platform.

The reports window is divided in 2 parts.

On the left you can find the available reports for the module you are currently working in and on the right, you can see the result when you have executed the report.

To find a report, you can use the search field on top of the list (1). Entering a search value will automatically filter the list with the reports that contain the text entered in the search field.

Selecting a report in the report module

To run a report, select the wanted report in the left column and double click on the line or click on the run button (2) you can find on top of the list.

If parameters are required such as a date range, ... a popup will be displayed where you can enter the needed values for the parameters. After entering the parameters, the report will be executed and will be displayed on the right side of the window.

When a report is displayed, the export functions will become available. You can export the report to pdf format and to Excel format using the buttons you find above the preview.

Export buttons reporting