logo RENTAL module

Rental management including reservations, replacements …
Availability management through the link with the INVENTORY module.

Main functionalities

Simple preparation of quotations for rentals

Prepare extensive quotations for rentals. For this you can use the articles in the INVENTORY module with support for composite articles.
You can easily send formatted quotations to your potential customer directly from the platform.

Always a correct view of availability

Thanks to the integration with article management and stock, you always have a correct view of whether certain items can be rented out in function of the reservations already booked, so you never make promises that you cannot keep.
Here the platform will also consider any changes in the stock due to purchases, …

Support for replacements

Do you rent out materials that may need to be replaced during the rental period? The platform includes full support for this.
For example, when you rent out containers, a full container may have to be collected and be replaced by an empty one during the rental period. Again, there is full support for availabilities.

Online assembly form

If more information about the site is required for the rental, you can offer an online assembly form to your customers.
Via a unique link they get access to an online form where all the information about the site can be entered. The data is automatically added to the file by the platform.
In this way you avoid the back and forth emailing of documents and you have all the information centrally within the file.

Integrated billing

The link with the FINANCIAL module makes it easy to create invoices for your rentals. You can create grouped invoices for different rentals per customer.
Follow-up payments and complete reminder management are also available.

Plan phasing in and phasing out activities

The RENTAL module contains a planning module that allows you to plan the activities for your teams concerning phasing in and phasing out of rentals.
This way you can be assured that all rentals can be done correctly. Stock management will also consider the dates of phasing in and phasing out in terms of availability.