logo COACHING module

Effectively manage your planning, appointments, sessions, … including reports and photos.

Main functionalities

Simple input of coaching projects

Easily create new coaching projects, also for potential prospects. You can determine the statuses you wish to keep for the projects.
At the level of the projects, you have the option of submitting the intake interview report for a complete history of the project.

An unlimited number of sessions per project

You have an unlimited number of sessions per project. These sessions can be created when the project is created or you can of course add, change, or delete sessions during the project.
Optionally, the platform can re-add sessions to the session list when a specific session has not been able to continue.

Register the report & optional photos of the session

Record all details of the session. You have the option to use formatting within the report. Link photos and any attachments to the session to complete your file.
You also have the option to register the reason for the cancellation when cancelling a session.

Integration agenda

Sessions that have been scheduled are automatically placed in the agenda so that you always have a correct picture of the planning of your staff.

Optimal communication via mail & text message

Automate your communications. The platform contains the possibility to send communication at certain points during the process. For example, an email can be sent automatically after the intake interview has taken place.
You also have the option to send exercises to the participant and this can be done by email and SMS.

Simple invoicing

Due to the full integration with the FINANCIAL module within the platform, you have the option of invoicing your projects, following up on payments and complete claim management.