logo PROJECT module

The module for project work with extensive planning facilities.

Main functionalities

Create projects with team support

Create projects in the PROJECT module and connect teams responsible for the implementation of the project.

Projects can also be created automatically from quotations that were drawn up in the FINANCIAL module. In this way, your quotes are also automatically linked to the project.

Support for phases

Some projects are not carried out in 1x. For example, there may be several phases. For example, you need to run a phase and then wait for external parties before you can perform the next phase.

That is why we provide support for phases within a project here you can spread the project over different times.

Visual planning

You have a visual schedule where you get to see a timeline per team. This gives you the ability to visually schedule the projects and allows you to quickly detect any planning problems.

In the visual planning we also show the holiday periods, this at the level of the company or the individual employees.

Linked invoicing

You can start billing your projects via the FINANCIAL module. We support invoicing in various forms, advance, balance & depending on the progress of the project.

Integration agenda

By integrating the project planning with the central agenda, the internal staff and the teams on the job always have a clear overview of the planning. The mobile application can be used for this purpose.

Tasks and alerts

Create tasks on your projects that will automatically alert you when certain actions need to be performed.

For example, you can get warnings for, among other things, Check In At Work and when certain certificates must be requested for, for example, working abroad.

Share certificates, documents, and photos

Link documents, certificates and photos to your project and make them available on the mobile application. This allows your employees to consult plans, sketches, and any quotes along the way.

Through the mobile application, employees can also take pictures directly and integrate them into the project.