logo INVENTORY module

Full management of your articles and stock within your company.

Main functionalities

Full article management

Full article management with the option of defining additional parameters yourself that you wish to maintain at the level of the article.

Support for composite articles

The INVENTORY module includes full support for composite articles with an unlimited number of levels.

For example, you can specify a complete tent as an article and keep track of all its components down to the level of a screw.

Integration of RAL codes and order points

You can indicate at the level of an article that a RAL code must be linked to it. When using this article in a quotation, invoice, ... the platform will automatically ask the question to indicate which RAL code must be linked.

By integrating order points, you will receive a notification when you reach an order point for a specific item. This allows you to place an order to replenish your stock.

Correct stock count and forecast

You always have a correct stock count. The platform will concider the current stock and the reserved stock in function of the orders placed in the other modules of the platform.

Strong integration with other WAVEDESK modules

The INVENTORY module of the platform is highly integrated with the other modules within the platform.

For example, you can use the articles and stock within the quotation module, invoicing module, in your rentals and project planning. All actions within these modules will automatically update your stock.