logo CREDIT module

Manage all steps and aspects of a credit file.

Involve intermediaries and customers through the available portals.

Main functionalities

Manage your credits efficiently

Creating and managing credits within WAVEDESK is super flexible. Use proposals as a starting point or start from scratch.
Easy. In addition to effective credits, you also have the option to manage the properties.

Full control over your intermediaries

Your intermediaries are very important to your organization, manage them very professionally with standard commission schedules and all necessary details.
Give them access to an online portal to consult their statements and shared documents.

A clear view of the financial institutions you work with

Don’t you want to go to the negotiating table with clear figures every year with the financial institutions you work with to obtain the best margins?
With the CREDIT module you can draw all necessary statistics and you can draw up a standard commission schedule for each financial institution individually.

Commission management

Commissions with spread, even specific per intermediary, monthly statements with automatic forwarding, …
It is all possible with the CREDIT module and it does not stop there, give your intermediaries a forecast of what they can expect in terms of commission in the coming months, fully dynamically prepared by the platform based on the available credit files.

Reports and statistics

Extensive reporting is of course available through the reporting module.
Would you like a clear view of the statuses of your various credits, realized credits per credit company?
This can be done by means of the dynamic report generator built into the platform.

A portal for your intermediaries & customers

If you really want to present yourself as a real professional and you want to distinguish yourself from other brokers, you can use your personal portal.
This module allows you to offer your end customer and intermediary a private environment from which they can consult data but also collaborate with you.

Support for groupings

WAVEDESK contains a specific synchronization module for groupings.

This module allows you to periodically centralize credit files from offices within your group to a central WAVEDESK account. By centralizing the files, you have the option of centrally managing the commissions for your grouping and you have global statistics.
The individual offices will continue to have all functionalities even after centralization. We make this service available free of charge for groups, contact us without obligation for more information.