The WAVEDESK platform contains a portal specifically for your end customers.

It allows you to communicate optimally with your end customers.

Key functionalities

Give your end customers access to their credit records and insurance policies

Through the portal you can give your end customers access to their credit files and their insurance policies. They can consult the details of the files.

You can also give your end customer the rights to add documents to their existing files.

Roadmap for credit files

For credit files, we provide the possibility to make roadmaps available for the submission of a credit file.

This gives you the opportunity to create a dynamic roadmap in the back office module and make it available in the end customer's portal.

Through this roadmap, the end customer can then provide the necessary information to complete a credit application. When the end customer takes actions in the roadmap, you will automatically receive a notification in the back office module.

Document archive

Share documents from your central document archive with your end customers. This allows you to easily make documents available without having to distribute them individually to your end customers. Everything central at one location.