In this article we describe how to login into the WAVEDESK platform.

How to reach the login page

To reach the login page of the platform you can use the login shortcut that you can find on all pages of the WAVEDESK website or you can access the login page directly using the following link:

Lay-out of the login page

Login page of the WAVEDESK platform

The login page allows you to specify the following parameters (all parameters are required):


Allows you to choose in which language you wish to use the platform. When changing the language, the login page will automatically translate.


Account is the unique account name for your account that you received when your account was installed.


Login is your unique login for this account. It is your email address that was used at registration time.


The password for your login. This password is initially provided by the system when your account is installed. You can change your password at any time in your personal profile within the platform.

Below the required fields you can also find a link that can be used when you have forgotten your password. Clicking this link will take you to the password reset page.

When all parameters are filled in, you can press the login button to get access to the platform.

The platform will perform the necessary validations and if something is wrong you will get a notification.

If everything is fine, you will be taken to the main page of the platform.

When you have successfully logged in to the platform, a cookie will be created on your computer containing the information you entered except for the password.

When returning next time to the login page, the chosen values will already be filled in, so you only have re-enter your password.